As part of Jo’burg Child Welfare (JCW), our vision is to create a caring community that protects all of the children, meeting their needs for love, safety and opportunity.

“The Granny Programme” is the brainchild of Spence-Chapin; a USA-based Non-Profit Organisation that has been offering adoption services for more than 100 years.

Spence-Chapin established the programme with an understanding of the critical impact that physical and emotional contact has during a child’s early stages of development. The programme came about based on the fact that children growing up in institutions are often deprived of basic human interactions: warm hugs and kisses, games, storytelling and laughter. Overburdened staff cannot possibly provide all the necessary and relevant interactions around individual attention and nurturing that the mentioned children so desperately need and deserve daily. Moreover, institutional care (no matter how high the quality) does not give children the opportunity to form consistent early attachments. Therefore, the Granny Programme mitigates against the mentioned challenges.

JCW initially implemented the programme at Othandweni Family Care Centre in 2012.  The programme paired children with “Grannies” who are retired local women from the community; the latter spends special one-on-one time with each child. Each Granny is assigned two (2) children and spends two (2) hours per day with each child for five (5) days a week. The objective is to provide individual stimulation and education that is important for the child’s healthy overall development. The programme introduces consistent stimulation, attention and love from a trusted primary caregiver adult, thus improving bonding and attachment skills of the child.

The programme is now being extended for the benefit of the children at Princess Alice Adoption Home.  Our children will be exposed to a situation where they can develop meaningful relationships with their“granny” so that those relationship building skills can be transferred to their future parents or carers.

We are recruiting volunteers for the Granny Programme, based in Westcliff, Johannesburg.

Remuneration: A stipend of R1 350 per month will be offered to assist towards the cost of transport.


  • Be between 45 to 60 years of age;
  • Have working experience;
  • Have adequate proficiency in communicating in English and other indigenous languages;
  • Ability to write Reports in English;
  • Natural flair of working with and love for children;
  • Grade 10 pass (Minimum);
  • Good communication skills; friendly with good interpersonal skills;
  • Ability to relate meaningfully to children from 0-3 years old;
  • Be available to offer the 5 days that is required for the children;
  • Be flexible.
  • Conscientious; responsible; accountable; respectful; trustworthy and reliable.

 If you are interested in applying, please send your CV and a letter of motivation to .