Buckle up! 2014 is flying by as we accelerate towards the year’s end. It’s been a bumpy journey with wonderful highs and some challenging lows – but we are staying on track through faith, hard work, dedication and, of course, bucket loads of help and support from our friends.

When all is said and done, PAAH is about the wellbeing, health and happiness of the babies in our care. It’s them and their future lives that bring smiles to our faces and ignite passion in us every day.

A few of our precious new arrivals

A few of our precious new arrivals

So while it’s not about the “numbers”, it is a great pleasure to be able to report on our progress and let you know that all the invested love and resources are carried with the little ones as they make the transition into family care.

Summary of Beneficiaries – January to October 2014

Babies/toddlers cared for



New babies admitted



Babies adopted


11 Local adoptions

  7 Inter-country adoptions

Babies placed in unrelated foster care



Babies reunited with birth moms/biological family



Birth moms accommodated



The good news doesn’t end here – there are another 5 adoptions (2 local and 3 inter-country), as well as 3 foster care placements (2 with biological family and 1 with an unrelated foster mommy) that are pending finalisation.

Just some of our happy farewells in 2014

Just some of our happy farewells in 2014

We’ll update these “stats” again before the end of the year to close the 2014 chapter of our ‘good story’.