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I love this picture of one of our “big kids” enjoying a picnic outing. For me, it symbolises his ‘journey’.

He’s walking independently but has juice tucked securely under his arm for comfort and nutrition when he needs it. He knows that he is cared for and provided for so he’s confident enough to walk by himself in an unfamiliar but interesting environment.  He’s enjoying the sun, the “freedom” and the moment.

Even the shade seems to symbolise that the toddler will grow and become the shadow of the man that he will be as he walks a path through life (those shadows do look a bit like a track, don’t they?).

What does not show in the photo is, of course, the Caregiver and volunteers who are watching over him closely to make sure that he really is safe and content.

Two of the most crucial aspects of the programme at PAAH is to ensure that babies develop emotionally (that they bond, receive and give affection, and trust the process) and that they meet the important milestones of early childhood.  Both of these require stimulation, opportunity and consistency.  The long term impact is that the first months of life are the foundation for all future development and well-being, not just for our babies but for all babies.

Thank you to the amazing people who make it possible for our toddlers and staff to enjoy these outings which are such stimulating, happy experiences for the little ones.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

                                                                                       — Lao Tzu