Mandela Day 2015With less than four weeks to go – have you thought about what can be done to honour the legacy of Mandela Day by making a difference in the community?

From our side, we welcome volunteers and donations but we also understand that not everybody can be directly involved. And as much as we love hosting volunteers it isn’t always possible for us to accommodate all groups of people in the nursery on 18 July.

If you would like to make a difference during “Mandela Month”, here are some simple suggestions for ‘doing your bit’:

  • Donate 67 minutes to volunteering during the month of July.
  • Sign a debit order to donate R67 a month (yes, R67 = 6 loaves of bread, 3 boxes of tissue or 6 bottles of allergex with change!)
  • Apply for a MySchool/My Village card and nominate Princess Alice Adoption Home as your beneficiary. The easy online application can be done here
  • Take one of our collection tins to your office/classroom/sports club etc and ask colleagues to fill it with their spare coins.
  • Get together with friends, colleagues or family and make a lasagne, vegetable soup or cottage pie that can feed babies or birth moms (these can also be frozen and used after 18 July).
  • Circulate our Wish List (please remember that every contribution makes a difference)
  • Donate Dis-Chem vouchers that will enable us to purchase nappies, medicines and other Wish List items.
  • Take on one of our small maintenance projects. Contact us on 011 6465641 or for more info.
  • Spring clean your cupboards and donate unused items to us. Anything that can’t be used will be passed on to other childcare centres or sold second hand to raise funds towards our monthly costs.
  • Clear your bookshelves and donate books to our book sales.
  • Have a cake sale at your work, book club, church or any community group that you are a part of.
  • Support one of our fundraising initiatives.

In whatever way you choose to get involved this year, we wish you a fulfilling experience and the knowledge that, in the end, it is the combination of individual contributions that make the collective difference.