Mandela Day, or Mandela Month, is an opportunity to get actively involved in community service and to make a difference in a cause that is close to your heart. For the first time since 2019 we are at long last able to welcome volunteers in person, so if you are keen to volunteer with us, please contact TINTSWALO  to make arrangements.

 While it isn’t always possible for everyone to volunteer on the ground, there are other ways to show your support.

  • One easy way is to share our WISH LIST with friends, colleagues or community groups.
  • You may also consider running an online fundraising campaign for Princess Alice Adoption Home through our BACKABUDDY page. It is easy to register as a Champion and set an attainable target for both local and international donations.
  • Make a meal for our children or caregivers on duty, a little goes a long way.

 Which ever route that you choose, we hope that you have a fulfilling and meaningful experience. It is only with the help of others that we can do what we do to care for our little people.

PAAH Wish List Mandela Month 2022-min