Jo-Anne Schermeier on April 14, 2015

As part of Jo’burg Child Welfare (JCW), our vision is to create a caring community that protects all of the children, meeting their needs for love, safety and opportunity.

“The Granny Programme” is the brainchild of Spence-Chapin; a USA-based Non-Profit Organisation that has been offering adoption services for more than 100 years.

Spence-Chapin established the programme with an understanding of the critical impact that physical and emotional contact has during a child’s early stages of development. The programme came about based on the fact that children growing up in institutions are often deprived of basic human interactions: warm hugs and kisses, games, storytelling and laughter. Overburdened staff cannot possibly provide all the necessary and relevant interactions around individual attention and nurturing that the mentioned children so desperately need and deserve daily. Moreover, institutional care (no matter how high the quality) does not give children the opportunity to form consistent early attachments. Therefore, the Granny Programme mitigates against the mentioned challenges.

JCW initially implemented the programme at Othandweni Family Care Centre in 2012.  The programme paired children with “Grannies” who are retired local women from the community; the latter spends special one-on-one time with each child. Each Granny is assigned two (2) children and spends two (2) hours per day with each child for five (5) days a week. The objective is to provide individual stimulation and education that is important for the child’s healthy overall development. The programme introduces consistent stimulation, attention and love from a trusted primary caregiver adult, thus improving bonding and attachment skills of the child.

The programme is now being extended for the benefit of the children at Princess Alice Adoption Home.  Our children will be exposed to a situation where they can develop meaningful relationships with their“granny” so that those relationship building skills can be transferred to their future parents or carers.

We are recruiting volunteers for the Granny Programme, based in Westcliff, Johannesburg.

Remuneration: A stipend of R1 350 per month will be offered to assist towards the cost of transport.


  • Be between 45 to 60 years of age;
  • Have working experience;
  • Have adequate proficiency in communicating in English and other indigenous languages;
  • Ability to write Reports in English;
  • Natural flair of working with and love for children;
  • Grade 10 pass (Minimum);
  • Good communication skills; friendly with good interpersonal skills;
  • Ability to relate meaningfully to children from 0-3 years old;
  • Be available to offer the 5 days that is required for the children;
  • Be flexible.
  • Conscientious; responsible; accountable; respectful; trustworthy and reliable.

 If you are interested in applying, please send your CV and a letter of motivation to .

Jo-Anne Schermeier on April 14, 2015
Join us on 9 May 2015

Join us on 9 May 2015

We all deserve a little pampering, just because we’re worth it. Join us for an early Mother’s Day treat – come along with your mom, sister, friends or just yourself for some down time.

100% of the proceeds will go directly to Princess Alice Adoption Home.

Hosted at Camelot International in Houghton, with refreshments catered for by La Vie and Rose restaurant, each Pamper Package includes a 30 minute Back Massage + an Express Mani and Express pedi + a Gift and light refreshments.

Pre-bookings are essential for the 4 available time slots – 09h00, 10h30, 12h00 and 13h30.

Pamper Packages cost R350 each + a packet of nappies

For EFT payments, banking details are:

Princess Alice Adoption Home

Standard Bank

Branch: Library Gardens, 001005

Account: 000788910

Reference: Your name

Proof of payment:

Enquiries and bookings – Jo-Anne at

See you there!




Jo-Anne Schermeier on March 26, 2015
Quizmaster keeping everyone on their toes

Quizmaster keeping everyone on their toes

 Our Quiz Night at The Wanderers Golf Club lived up to its promise of being a FUNdraiser. We had a good turnout of teams that were highly competitive throughout the night and more than up to the challenging questions posed by Quizmaster Brendan from IC Promos. The hearty food catered by the Club helped to keep the  brain cells awake and working.

The winning team

The winning team

Costs are being finalised but, provisionally, the evening raised just over R24 000 – thanks to our generous participants and supporters. Best of all, we had fun raising the money for a great cause.

Kim Leicher with Maria E. (raffle winner)

Kim Leicher with Maria E. (raffle winner)


A big thank to the prize sponsors who ensured that more of the entry fee could go directly towards the care of our babies.

Nicola Kirby (raffle winner), Jo-Anne and Sarah Flemmer from the team that clinched 3rd prize)

Nicola Kirby (raffle winner), Jo-Anne Schermeier, and Sarah Flemmer from the team that clinched 3rd place)

Our Sponsors: Photography by Inga (raffle prize – photo shoot worth R2000); Legacy Hotels & Resorts (raffle prize – R400 dinner voucher from Maximillien Restaurant); Sorbet; Lazzara Leicher Attorneys; The Wanderers Golf Club; Body Tech; La Dolce Vita; Justin Kramer and Kim Leicher.

The Winners:

1st Place

1st Place

2nd Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

3rd Place

Thank you to everybody who supported the event and to the energetic group of volunteers who helped to make it all happen.

Table 1 framedTable 2 framedTable 3 framedTable 4 framedTable 5 framedTable 7 framedTable 8 framedTable 9 framedTable 11 framedTable 17 framedTable 13 framedTable 14 blue

There is just one remaining question? When is the next Quiz Night?

Jo-Anne Schermeier on March 3, 2015

Photo for stats Feb 2015

We are immensely grateful to all our caring donors (in-cash & in-kind)and volunteers who help us through every day.

Without their support, we would not be able to proudly commemorate our 85th anniversary later this year. More importantly, we are grateful that they care about the well-being of the vulnerable babies/toddlers in our nursery who, despite a difficult start in life, all face very bright futures.

 2015 is rolling onwards, and just two months into the year, we are very proud about what we are already able to report on.

 Our “stats” for January and February 2015: 

Number of babies cared for


Number of new admissions


Number of adoptions

5   (4 local

      1 inter-country)

Number of babies placed in foster care


Number of babies reunited with biological family


Number of birth moms accomodated


Two adoptions and three foster care placements are pending finalisation.

Thank you for caring and making a difference.

Jo-Anne Schermeier on February 18, 2015
All proceeds from Quiz Night will go towards the care of 30 babies in our nursery

All proceeds from Quiz Night will go towards the care of 30 babies in our nursery

Jo-Anne Schermeier on November 11, 2014

Our virtual Christmas Tree is being decorated through donations given as symbols of love, light and hope for the little people in our nursery. Next Christmas will be different, but this year we are the whole world to themEach donation goes directly towards their care.


Tree8 cropped

The Christmas Tree is a Symbol of Love


Donations - 

Janine Turner                   Inga Hendriks & Albert Terblanche             Eileen MacFarlane

Zanele Mngadi                  Mike & Janita Lawrence                             Rob & Clayton

Edmund Bovijn                 Arlaine Kramer                                        Lida & Kobus Snyman

Jenny Mansfield                Anne & George Rennie                              Leon Putzier

Tyrone Pharmacy             Jo-Anne Schermeier                                   Lisa Lazarus

J.Whitter                         Jeannie, Megan & Kayla Holden                  Glenda & Kyara Rynhard

Kim Leicher & Friends       Louise Latham & Friends                      Dulwani Rathugamage

CP Hughes                       Kevin Veyidiaka

Dedications -

“I would like to dedicate this to my beautiful angel of a wife, Linda Bovijn (née Hind), who started her life’s journey through your special home. We are eternally grateful for the wonderful work that you do as “angels” to all the orphaned children that have the privilege to pass through your loving home.”                                                                                                                                   -       Edmund Bovijn

“A very Merry Christmas to all you wonderful babies & toddlers. Angels watch over you.”                -       Mike & Janita

“In honour of Neil Mansfield’s 50th birthday.”                                                                             -       Jenny Mansfield

“Happy Christmas to all at Princess Alice. With love”                                                                    -        Anne


“The ‘virtual’ gifts are on behalf of our 8 grandchildren (& proxy grandchildren):

Callum, Jamie & Lewis MacFarlane who all live in Bermuda

Liam Campbell who lives in Toronto Canada

Malia Campbell who lives in Orno Canada

 And my ‘proxy’ children:

Aimee & Sara Redman who live in Singapore

Liam Featherston who lives Victoria Australia.”                                                                            -      Eileen MacFarlane

Merry Christmas, with love: Gabriel 15.01.2002 and Joshua 17.08.2003                                -        Leon Putzier

With love to all the little angels at the home                                                                                    -        Megan, Jeannie & Kayla Holden

To all the wonderful staff who give so freely of their love.

May you be richly rewarded                                                                                                                    -       Glenda and Kyara Reynhardt

This donation is really in the name of 3 blessings that the women and babies, as well as those who care for them at Princess Alice, all deserve:  Love, Hope and Friendship.                                                              - Louise Latham & Friends

Read more about our Christmas Appeal on   or email




Jo-Anne Schermeier on November 4, 2014
Help us decorate our virtual Christmas Tree

Help us decorate our virtual Christmas Tree

Princess Alice Adoption Home invites you to celebrate the Season of Goodwill by helping us decorate our virtual Christmas Tree on

The Tree is a symbol of love, light & hope for the 30 little ones in our nursery. Next Christmas will be different, but this year we are the world to them.

Donate -

  • R50 to add tinsel
  • R100 to add a bauble
  • R200 to add a decorative present under the tree
  • R500 to add an angel

Dedicate your donation -

Each donation will be acknowledged & dedications are welcome.

The progress of our virtual Christmas Tree will also be replicated at the Princess Alice Adoption Home in Westcliff.

Email your name, proof of donation & a message to





Banking Details

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Library Gardens, Johannesburg
Branch Code: 001005
Account Name: Princess Alice Adoption Home
Account Number: 000 788 910


Remember that Princess Alice Adoption Home is a facility of Jo’burg Child Welfare and is a registered NPO (000-566) and PBO (18/11/13/1110). We care for up to 30 babies (aged newborn to two years old) who have been consented for adoption or abandoned.



Jo-Anne Schermeier on October 31, 2014

“Civilisation only begins when we feel that a neglected child is a personal reproach to each of us.”

-– HRH Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone.

October marked the 84th anniversary since HRH Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone officially opened Princess Alice Adoption Home in 1930.

We are very proud to continue with the service for which the Home was originally opened, and play a small but very vital role in the lives of our babies and families.

In the last post, we wrote that, in 2014 alone, we have cared for 50 babies (18 have been adopted, 1 baby placed in foster care and another 2 were re-united with their birth moms). We have also provided a place of safety for another 10 birth moms.

Thank you for all the support that makes it possible for us to continue on this journey – we look forward to celebrating 85 years in 2015.


Happy Birthday Princess Alice Alice Adoption Home

Happy Birthday Princess Alice Alice Adoption Home




Jo-Anne Schermeier on October 28, 2014

Buckle up! 2014 is flying by as we accelerate towards the year’s end. It’s been a bumpy journey with wonderful highs and some challenging lows – but we are staying on track through faith, hard work, dedication and, of course, bucket loads of help and support from our friends.

When all is said and done, PAAH is about the wellbeing, health and happiness of the babies in our care. It’s them and their future lives that bring smiles to our faces and ignite passion in us every day.

A few of our precious new arrivals

A few of our precious new arrivals

So while it’s not about the “numbers”, it is a great pleasure to be able to report on our progress and let you know that all the invested love and resources are carried with the little ones as they make the transition into family care.

Summary of Beneficiaries – January to October 2014

Babies/toddlers cared for



New babies admitted



Babies adopted


11 Local adoptions

  7 Inter-country adoptions

Babies placed in unrelated foster care



Babies reunited with birth moms/biological family



Birth moms accommodated



The good news doesn’t end here – there are another 5 adoptions (2 local and 3 inter-country), as well as 3 foster care placements (2 with biological family and 1 with an unrelated foster mommy) that are pending finalisation.

Just some of our happy farewells in 2014

Just some of our happy farewells in 2014

We’ll update these “stats” again before the end of the year to close the 2014 chapter of our ‘good story’.

Jo-Anne Schermeier on August 7, 2014

Some may call it the month of July but many South Africans now know it as Mandela Month and it was special in numerous ways – all thanks to the generous individuals, community groups and corporates who got involved with us as an organisation. Mandela Day has grown beyond the 67 minutes of giving back on 18 July, to a month of getting involved in communities that need assistance. Madiba’s legacy in the hearts of South Africans is exceptional in a way that words cannot describe.

Donations collage 2

Every moment was touching, but what could better sum up the real value of our service than having volunteers who were once adopted from Princess Alice come back to make a difference in 2014? We had more than one, they know who they are, and it is moving to meet them as mature individuals who started their lives in our nursery.

The donations in-kind were extremely generous, quite literally filling up our cupboards. We were also very fortunate to receive some of the bigger items on our “wish list” that have been beyond our budget for a while. And we are extremely grateful for the extensive maintenance done around the house and in the garden.

The babies and toddlers loved all the treats and breaks in routine. They’ve had parties, cuddles and lots of fun.  Naturally, we have needed to limit the number of people visiting at any one time, and appreciate that the corporate and community groups have been willing to spread their visits over a few weeks.

The nursery and domestic staff who were on duty on 18 July were treated by Lifeline to breakfast at the Wimpy. This act of “caring for the carer” was a wonderful acknowledgement of the contributions that they make on a daily basis.

Thank you to the following groups who were involved in our Mandela Month:-


Blackstar Group; Bowman Gillfilan; CNBC; Edcon; FirstRand; Forbes Africa; Four Seasons The Westcliff; Green Grass Design; HCI Coal; Injozi Digital Design;  JD Group; Hello Joburg Magazine; JP Morgan; Konca; Mutual and Federal; Nedbank; Oxford Landscaping; Philip Silver and Associates; Pipeline Performance Technologies; PCBS; RGL Africa; SA Rope Access; Scratch Solutions; Standard Bank Property Finance; Tracker Connect & Transaction Capital.


Lifeline; Lions Club Glenoaks/The Wilds; Moms and Tots Greenside; Music for the Children Foundation; Ryk Neethling Swimming Stars Kyalami; University of Johannesburg; University of the Witwatersrand & Wonderland Nursery School.

 Mandela Day Volunteer Collages