Our virtual Christmas Tree is being decorated through donations given as symbols of love, light and hope for the little people in our nursery. Next Christmas will be different, but this year we are the whole world to themEach donation goes directly towards their care.


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The Christmas Tree is a Symbol of Love


Donations – 

Janine Turner                   Inga Hendriks & Albert Terblanche             Eileen MacFarlane

Zanele Mngadi                  Mike & Janita Lawrence                             Rob & Clayton

Edmund Bovijn                 Arlaine Kramer                                        Lida & Kobus Snyman

Jenny Mansfield                Anne & George Rennie                              Leon Putzier

Tyrone Pharmacy             Jo-Anne Schermeier                                   Lisa Lazarus

J.Whitter                         Jeannie, Megan & Kayla Holden                  Glenda & Kyara Rynhard

Kim Leicher & Friends       Louise Latham & Friends                      Dulwani Rathugamage

CP Hughes                       Kevin Veyidiaka


“I would like to dedicate this to my beautiful angel of a wife, Linda Bovijn (née Hind), who started her life’s journey through your special home. We are eternally grateful for the wonderful work that you do as “angels” to all the orphaned children that have the privilege to pass through your loving home.”                                                                                                                                   –       Edmund Bovijn

“A very Merry Christmas to all you wonderful babies & toddlers. Angels watch over you.”                –       Mike & Janita

“In honour of Neil Mansfield’s 50th birthday.”                                                                             –       Jenny Mansfield

“Happy Christmas to all at Princess Alice. With love”                                                                    –        Anne


“The ‘virtual’ gifts are on behalf of our 8 grandchildren (& proxy grandchildren):

Callum, Jamie & Lewis MacFarlane who all live in Bermuda

Liam Campbell who lives in Toronto Canada

Malia Campbell who lives in Orno Canada

 And my ‘proxy’ children:

Aimee & Sara Redman who live in Singapore

Liam Featherston who lives Victoria Australia.”                                                                            –      Eileen MacFarlane

Merry Christmas, with love: Gabriel 15.01.2002 and Joshua 17.08.2003                                –        Leon Putzier

With love to all the little angels at the home                                                                                    –        Megan, Jeannie & Kayla Holden

To all the wonderful staff who give so freely of their love.

May you be richly rewarded                                                                                                                    –       Glenda and Kyara Reynhardt

This donation is really in the name of 3 blessings that the women and babies, as well as those who care for them at Princess Alice, all deserve:  Love, Hope and Friendship.                                                              – Louise Latham & Friends

Read more about our Christmas Appeal on    or email manager@princessalice.org.za.