Christmas and the Holidays are almost here and another year is in the bag. In 2020, Princess Alice Adoption Home will turn 90 years old. WOW!

Christmas is love in action

Thank you for sticking with us through 2019. As always, it has been a year filled with happy highs and challenging lows. But we’ve made it!

Since 1 April (which is the start of our financial year and reporting period), we have cared for 44 babies and toddlers. 7 of the children have been adopted, 2 were reunited with their birth moms and 3 were placed in non-related foster care.

Perhaps the biggest challenge that we have had to continually re-adjust to in the past couple of years, is that the adoption processes are slower than before (not the rate of adoption but the pace). Young children spend longer in our care and more often age out of our traditional programme.

 On the bright side, our Granny Programme, (which is now funded by Spence-Chapin and has been expanded to 15 Gogos), makes a huge difference in the babies’ and toddlers’ lives. Each child has their own Gogo to bond with and as a result they have frequent stimulation. This improved foundation will carry them well into their future lives.

Under the banner of the Granny Programme, we introduced an in-house ECD programme for the children over the age of 2-and-a-half years old. It has been a big success and we are very grateful to Gogo Thina for getting it off the ground.

At the moment, we have 31 children in our Nursery family, so it’s safe to say that we have our hands full. We would not survive a single day without the help that we get from our volunteers and donors. THANK YOU!

 We look forward to celebrating our milestone anniversary in 2020. The first event planned will be a HIGH TEA at THE FOUR SEASONS WESTCLIFF HOTEL in March. This event was originally planned for October 2019 but we made the decision to postpone it. We look forward to seeing some of you there.


Please remember how heavily we rely on donations to keep our doors open. Donations can be made via Snapscan (see above); online at or by EFT:

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 Have a very safe and happy holiday season!